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Course CodeLocationEarly Bird DeadlineStart Date (DD/MM/YYYY)End Date (DD/MM/YYYY)Regular Price (USD)Early Bird Price (USD)
BW201TLC: New York, NY22/08/201422/09/201422/09/20141,000900
BW611TLC: New York, NY22/08/201422/09/201424/09/20143,0002,700
EMS351TLC: New York, NY22/08/201425/09/201426/09/20142,0001,800
BW201TLC: Schaumburg (Chicago), IL05/09/201429/09/201429/09/20141,000900
BW611TLC: Schaumburg (Chicago), IL05/09/201429/09/201401/10/20143,0002,700
EMS351TLC: Schaumburg (Chicago), IL05/09/201402/10/201403/10/20142,0001,800
BW201TLC: New York, NY19/09/201420/10/201420/10/20141,000900
BW611TLC: New York, NY19/09/201420/10/201422/10/20143,0002,700
EMS351TLC: New York, NY19/09/201423/10/201424/10/20142,0001,800
BW201TLC: Schaumburg (Chicago), IL03/10/201427/10/201427/10/20141,000900
BW611TLC: Schaumburg (Chicago), IL03/10/201427/10/201429/10/20143,0002,700
EMS351TLC: Schaumburg (Chicago), IL03/10/201430/10/201431/10/20142,0001,800